Similar Stars The Parallel Theory of Park Bo Gum and Kim Soo Hyun. @elle

Similar Stars The Parallel Theory of Park Bo Gum and Kim Soo Hyun A good parallel theory of two people without good reason.





The two men took their eyes painted by a child acting
debut of Kim Soo-hyun is, but in the MBC sitcom aired <Kimchi Cheese Smile> 2009 <Will it Snow for Christmas?> In earnest informed thing to his face delayed a child’s stick in the < Gyant>, who played the role of Park Sang-min. Park Bo-gum, who made his debut in 2011 with the movie Blind, also revealed his presence as Lee Seo-jin of the drama “The Good Times.” Successful case that both of them started from child and upgraded careers step by step.

The two men had postponed the king
if you can not really tell the crown prince is so great that the only challenge. Park Sung-gum and Kim Soo-hyun drove the gigantic popularity as actresses who acted as king (and crown prince) with strong and romantic aspect in drama <Gurmigreen Moonlight> and <Sun Moonlight> respectively. Especially, in the case of Park Moon Sword, who has caused a phenomenon that is close to ‘Syndrome’ with <Green Moon Light> and has a casting ranking of 0,

The two songs to ‘get’
the actors rarely took a TV show and music charts olkil at the same time. One of the difficulties is that both of these rabbits are the main characters that are caught by Park Bo Sung and Kim Soo-hyun. The OST of Gourmet Green Moonlight by Park Sung-gum showed the power of sweeping the eight sound recording charts as soon as it was released. This is the OST of the Moon in the year of 2012 and 2013 It also overlaps with Kim Soo-hyun’s announcement of OST ‘Your Home from the Stars’.

It stimulates maternal instinct
handsome face default. There are male actors who cause a maternal instinct that makes you feel like you want to keep it somewhere. It is with Park Sung Sword and Kim Soo Hyun. Even though both of them are watching, I fall into a loving atmosphere and I want to give them a nice look like my mother. For reference, in the survey results of the entertainment ranking chart announced recently, Kim Soo-hyun ranked first in the 20-man actor who stimulated maternal instincts, and Park Bo-gum ranked second in the survey. The drama has been over, but the affection for both men can be seen in search engine ranking, which keeps going up and down.



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