Park Bo Gum’s LA Confidential

Even the California sunshine, such as momentum, seems to have nothing to stop this man. I caught up with his mom enjoying the rest and looking for LA.15327655_120300001049577277_950846651_n

11:00 pm, LA Beverly Hills hotel room. In the middle of the table, the georr hair color chart is hanging down, and the shooting staff are meeting more seriously than ever. It is our duty to look at the photographs before taking a bath robe with a smiley face. The meeting with him, who once again showed ‘Bo Sung Magic’ with <Respond 1988> and <Gurmigreen Moonlight> (<Gurmy>), should go back to 2013. Since I made my first connection with the actor’s first interview, I used to be an honest attitude to find <Elle> at the end of the work almost once a year. Immediately after the filming of <Gurmu>, which caused a phenomenon that was close to syndrome while playing Prince Lee Young, who acted as a motif of the genius lord of the late Chosun dynasty, he proposed to him the ‘LA Project’ I also agreed to take the first overseas photography with <Elle>. So, starting from Park Yong-gum’s polite proposal, who worried about “the same atmosphere as the previous picture,” the unfolding moon night dyed publicity (he talked directly with the stylist and got the color lenses of various colors to prepare for shooting) ! The result of the meeting could be concluded with a prologue of a prominent prologue that anticipated the mature change of the night sword. The inclement weather, which lasted until the day before shooting, disappeared as if it had been washed on the morning of the shooting, and it was brilliant without a single cloud of cloud in the face of Park Boyd Gomez on all the days of Venice Beach, Pacific Park and Doyle Wyler Beach in Santa Monica Beach It was bright. The passionate attitude of bringing the portable speaker and the camera in his hand, he was pleased to confirm that he was really enjoying the moment, and that the shooting team, which often mixes with strangers without any doubt, There was a misunderstanding happening that I had to stop. So I finished all the shoots and sat down again in his hotel room for an interview. “It’s a reward.” His shoulders, seen under the light of a halogen, seemed to be harder and successfully afforded the weight of the massive lead. The world of Park Sword Sword seemed to expand a few more.


I was in LA a few days earlier. Did I spent time doing while yesterday I’m back at Universal Studios. Grove, Farmers Market, Beverly Hills Center, Hollywood … . I think I’ve spent most of my life in one of the big places in Los Angeles. A few days ago, I attended Gucci’s “LACMA Art + Film Gala” event and it was an honor to be able to work with some of my leading seniors.

A lot of foreign top stars attended, too? What about side by side with them on the shoulder testimonies heard that Leonardo DiCaprio is a jointly organized event. I saw him, Guinness Paltrow, Jayden Smith, and the last November issue of Elle, Cover Girl, Rosie Huntington Whitley (famous for reviewing the last issue of the media ahead of her filming) It was like watching a movie because I met great foreign actors in front of me.

<Grammy> continued happy ending with continuing 1st place in the same time zone from the 4th to the end. I realize the tremendous popularity of the drama a chance to feel the explosion in popularity so I did not have to meet yet. But there was a moment when I felt sorry when I treated fans. I was so surprised when the fan signing ceremony of Kyeongbok Palace and the Philippine award holiday were crowded. If it was possible to greet each other with one-on-one meeting with the fans, the age of the fan became broader and the number was increased, and it was not hard to remember the name one by one. It could also be a misunderstanding in my actions. For example, when I give a greeting to one side, the other side says, ‘Why do not you do this?’ I was confused because I wanted to be able to distort my heart.

The subway is also filled other I still think the school bus will also be okay with. Everybody’s sleeping on the bus. It’s like a double-edged sword. I appreciate you to recognize me and love me, because there are obvious ‘disadvantages’ to follow.



Crown Prince Lee Young whilst smoke is one character that is different from the results, was a big challenge its own right! I understand clearly that you are a person who is full of wisdom and strength, who knows how to be lonely and able to put others in a position, but it is hard to express my voice character with my lips.

Larger burden as a whole to act out the drama ‘reading’ I’ll at first, ‘Oh, I think you can do better. Because it is the historical drama that I wanted to do, I must express it so that it can move the mind of many people. ” It was just this feeling. Later, after the casting was finished, I was embarrassed to read the script together. I was short of myself. When I was on time, I watched the director, the artist, and (Kim) Yu-jung with each other.

Do I hear a senior agency also walked SOS call (transmission) medium-term type “I heard all the eyes of the section heading and everything is gone big heart not to become kkichimyeon hanikka gotta believe me ready for press. In the press, I was stressed that it was a “next work of Park Sword Sword.” I was getting so frustrated that I called my middle – aged brother and he was like that. “What you do is the right answer. Confidently, please. “In the beginning, what I thought led me to was wrong. I remembered what we had gathered and told us before Shin Won – ho ‘s film was broadcast. “You are all heroes. No matter who gets a husband, whoever gets a lot of ad offers, stay focused. Everyone has a narrative of their own: “I think it’s been a lot lighter since I discovered there was an error.

If it is crucial to understand this movie moments Crown Prince (Red) ttaeyo Raon this fall into a pit, such as. I imagined what it would feel like to be the first to get a script that depicted the scene. But he was really angry with Raon. At that time, the air of the shooting scene and the texture of the soil came clear and Lee Young-se came in to me.

To be continued …15380750_1373102622722615_4135882743417358845_n15268035_1373102526055958_95834389511919645_n15356549_1373102549389289_8878304755964470628_n15355566_1373102646055946_230695085629959393_n15319258_1373102579389286_8296559081857116862_n


Bogummy tells everything

Again, Park Bo Gum responded directly!

Last November, I had a good time at Elle and LA. Park Bo Gum answered the questions of the fans who were selected through the <Elle> Instagram program.

@hello_jayla When you punch your hands, where do you reach from the low road? Once in the road. Maybe from the road? From the road?


@alicehk Did you sing in the ‘My People’ karaoke room? Wow! It’s fresh as a question. I did not have time to go to the karaoke room. My brother, who was a lighting team, visited me and said, “Why do not you call it that way? I’ll go and call you.


@sseonyu What career did Lee Seung-jae have when he was born in this age? What if Lee Young Seo is born in this age? I think he was a student. I think I did a good job of studying.


@mink_choco_dianaLA LA What was the most delicious menu I ate locally? It was delicious! The steak was delicious and the king crab was also delicious. I also went to the In-N-Out Burger, which was soft and bread and patty. There’s a branch near the hotel we’re tied to now (7009 Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, CA). Please come.


@ 0405kmy I got boom bars in Gwanghwamun and got hot on the very same day as the video spread through SNS. Sword’s acquaintances reaction did (I did not really many people, ashamed? ☞☜) How about everyone just “kick giggle” Yet this you? I reacted like this. I was a little nervous. I realized it again. ‘Confidence is really important!’ It was a fun memory.


@ Bogummypark616 A scene of swimming, writing an actor, riding a knife and writing a knife in <Gurme>. What is your favorite scene? And what were the most difficult scenes to shoot? What I was most sorry about was action. Before I entered the drama, I went to the action school and learned horseback riding. At the beginning of the drama, I could not afford to build the character center for Lee Young-se. So I got the impression that the bishop did not meet the picture you were thinking. I was able to show Lee Yong – young ‘s sharpness because the bishop captured it beautifully and edited it. I had to practice a lot more, but I was sorry.


@ Lionheart.616 I was surprised to see that I designed my own and Song ‘s’ Goodies’. I wonder what kind of occasion is made, and I enjoy designing as usual.  It ‘s my shirt, so I think it would be nice if I could put a logo in front of me. In the middle of the year, I created what I thought, and liked it. (In April this year, Song Ji Kee designed the logo of the product to be offered to the official fan club members). I have never studied design, but I am interested in design such as interior design.


@ Wanee21 Do you like to collect things or accessories? What should I call a folk in a hamburger when I go to Universal Studios Hollywood this time? I mean, you do not have to move the hamburger. It was written beautifully as Hollywood, and I brought it with me (laughs).


@alicehk There are so many wonderful pictures of actor, I am worried when I change the background picture of the phone every time. What is the actor’s phone lock screen now? Me? That school timetable. Two semester timetable!


@ 405boguming If you can eat only one spoon before the death of Park Sword, who is also famous as ‘Sobo Sword’, what would you like to eat? Before you die? (Laughter) It’s hard to find one. I’ll move on to the next question.


@ Han.jeong.seo The last time <Sunday is good – running man> Kim Jong Kook said that it is a night sword set, and Mr. Bo Sung introduced how to exercise at the gym. Are you in the gym nowadays? If you go there, what part of the exercise do you focus on these days? no. I have not been able to go to the gym a lot these days. When I was exercising with my brother, I did a lot of whole body exercises. <Gurmu> Before entering, I used to work out with my brother for fitness training. So I guess I did not get tired when I was shooting the drama. “Wow, I’m still alive!” Feeling like this? It’s a good habit to exercise constantly. The last thing I did was to have a great time and to work out without stopping. He did not get enough food for his body. I really think there are a lot of things to learn.


@ Han.jeong.seo Do you know that the number of members of the sisterhood welfare department exceeded 100,000? I would like to ask you to have 100,000 troops. Yeah! Right. I have over 100,000 people. It’s an honor. Thank you for your support. I hope to continue to respect each other and to be together until the end.


@ ppo981006 You’ve wanted to take a youthful romance, drama and feel like the same medical school or freshman engineering students at KAIST for age Do not have (do I want to see!) one youth romance is hopping. I thought I wanted to put on some more uniforms. I think it would be great if it plays well with me and I can express well.


@if_yj I worked very hard and it would have been meaningful for me in many ways. I mean, what if I express 2016 as one word (or one sentence)? Blessing!


@ Is there a piece that you review many times? Regardless of your presence, I include movies, dramas, books and all genres. Well, answer it. I do not want to forget that feeling then. It’s a story that everyone can sympathize with, even if there is a big difference in generation. And (Choi) Tacky was one of the roles I have played so far, and most of them are very similar to those of Park Suk Gom.


@glory_angie At the fan meeting held earlier this year, I had surprised many fans by showing unexpected items such as fabric softener, tuna cans, nail clipper and so on. Oh, it’s a secret! We should show it as “쨘!” (Laughs).


@the_ku00 What is the most stubborn part? The claim and stubbornness are a little different. If you have a lot of stubbornness, you’re stuck with shit. We have to do this, we have to do it! There is nothing like this.




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